Thursday, October 18, 2018

Knitted Mason Jar Cozy (not really a pattern)

After working on it off and on all summer as I sipped smoothies and tea, I have perfected, well close enough anyway, my mason jar cozy. Here’s the (not really a pattern) method I have been knitting them. 

I left the tail long when I finished this last one and then just took a large tapestry needle and sewed it around the edge to finish. I don't know sewing stitches, sorry, but I just sort of sewed over the edge all the way around. (Gee, Kara, that was super helpful)

For my next trick, I might try one with cables. I'll let you know!

Please note that I personally purchased all yarn and needles I used to make this project. The pattern is free. This is not a sponsored or a gifted post.