Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Felicity hat for Lucy

Last year I knit Lucy a Felicity hat in a turquoise blue color and she loves it. So much so, that when we were pulling all of the winter hats out this year she asked me for one in another color. This mama is always happy to knit for her kiddos, and I am doing a stash down so I'm looking for projects to use up the pretty yarn that I have, so it was a perfect project.

It took about a day and a half to knit, I worked on it off and on while we did our homeschool reading and watched some TV last night.

The pattern is Felicity and it uses a worsted weight yarn and knits up simply and quickly.

She loves it and so do I!  Now, what project can I tackle next for this stash down? I wonder how much of my yarn stash I can get through for the rest of 2018 ...

Please note that I personally purchased all of the supplies I used to make this project. This is not a sponsored or a gifted post.