Friday, April 28, 2017

Knit Vlog No. 13 | Save a Horse socks

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Knit Vlog is back with lucky episode number 13! In this episode I go into some detail about how I knit my socks on small circular needles as I share the story of my Save a Horse socks.

So, without further ado, here is Knit Vlog Number 13 | The Save a Horse Socks

If the embedded player isn't working, go directly to the YouTube video here. 

You might have noticed a new format for Knit Vlog: now each episode is dedicated to a specific project. I thought it would make it easier for those of you looking for details about individual projects and I thought it would also be neat to document my knitting via project for my future self when I'm looking back on what I've made. 

I LOVE this new format and hopefully you do, too!

Show Notes

Mentioned in this episode:

Turtle Purl Yarns etsy shop (my yarn is Striped Turtle Toes in "Save a Horse")

Kristy Glass Knits YouTube channel - here is the episode that I was watching where she interviews Two of Wands

Here are the needles that I prefer to use when I make my socks this way: Clover Bamboo 9" size 1 2.25mm (Amazon affiliate link)

Ravelry page for my finished socks: Save a Horse socks

I should also mention that Lucy, my eight year old, did a lot of the camera work in this episode. She was a wonderful help! Thank you, Lucy! 

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