Saturday, April 1, 2017

Knit Vlog No. 10 | All is right in my world again

Oh, self striping sock yarn, I love you, I've missed you, and I wonder why I ever knit socks with anything else? Yes, friends, after all that crazy with the Animal socks (which I LOVE and wear, by the way, despite how knitting them frayed my nerves) I have returned to my old, comfortable love: striped socks.

In this episode we have a park day, I knit some socks, and we all pretend we don't see that large pile of laundry on the dresser behind me.


PS - if you can't view it here, try viewing it over on my YouTube channel. I'm trying to grow the channel and I'd love for you to subscribe if you like what you see there and feel it is a good fit for you.

Show notes coming soon!

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