Monday, January 2, 2017

Finished Objects for the Year: What I Knit in 2016

1. Rockstar Rainbow Socks - Ravelry link here.

2. Preemie Hats - 2016 was my first year for knitting preemie hats for charity. I had a bit of a false start once I found out most places don't want to have wool preemie hats and that's what mine are made out of. I had originally given myself a goal of a dozen hats, then Lucy challenged me to knit 100, but I have stalled out until I find out for sure that I can donate these wool hats. (NOTE: I might have a lead on this, so stay tuned)  Ravelry link here.

3. Hogsmeade Hat - Ravelry link here.

4. New Year's Blue Rag Striped socks - Ravely link here.

5. Will Power Indy Car socks - Ravelry link here.

6. Ella hat for Amelia - Ravelry link here.

7. Featherweight cardigan (my oldest non-scrap yarn blanket WIP) - Ravelry link here.

8. The Super Sweater - I think this is my favorite knit for 2016. It's like wearing a blanket around! Ravelry link here.

9. One Teeny Tiny Sock - I knit this for a friend who wanted to turn it into a Christmas ornament. (no Ravelry notes for this one)

10. Sebago Cove for Amelia - Wait, maybe this is my favorite knit for 2016! Ravelry link here.

11. Bulky Beehive Beanie hat  - I knit this for Christopher's Aunt Beth, but I don't have a finished object photo. (no Ravelry details yet)

12. Teal and Rainbow Scrap Yarn socks - Ravelry link here.

13. Zig Zag Baby Blanket (doll sized) - Ravelry link here.

14. Sockhead Slouch Hat - Ravelry link here, although it looks like I never updated it with finished pics.

According to Ravelry, which admittedly I'm not the best about updating, I knit 4,625 yards this year. That's not too shabby, and of course doesn't count everything I cast on and started but didn't finish, but I think I can do better in 2017.

Here's to new knitting, completed projects, and another year of fiber creativity!