Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Making Sun Prints

Earlier this week the kiddos and I spent some time making sun prints.

A while ago I had purchased a packet of sun print paper, hoping for a fun art project that I could also use as a nature study with the kids.

All we needed was the sunshine. It turned out that Mother Nature had other plans, plans that included watering our part of the state for a solid two weeks or so, and we had to wait.

After a streak of rainy days, sunny skies momentarily returned to Indiana and the kids and I took advantage of the sun's rays and made some art.

We gathered up some flowers and leaves and fun little bits and pieces to make our prints with. Max even picked out a Lego guy to see what would happen (can you spy his print below?)

The packet of sun print paper came with an acrylic sheet to lay over the top of our objects to hold them in place while we let the sun do it's work.

We took turns setting up our images for sun printing and we let each one wait a few minutes while the sun and the light sensitive paper did their thing.

After a quick rinse in water, we let the prints dry and ta da! We had some lovely sun print art!

This was a good project to do, even with the younger kids, because the paper started to change within a few minutes. No print took longer than five minutes, so not much patience was needed (aside from drying time after rinsing).

It was almost instant gratification art making!

Supplies used:
  • sun print paper
  • acrylic sheet (included in the paper packet)
  • flowers, leaves, things to "print"
  • a pitcher of water
  • a sunny day
From the Sun Print paper package:
"Cyanotypes are photographs sometimes known as blueprints, sunprints, or sunlight prints. A photogram is a photographic image made without the use of a camera by placing objects on a light-sensitive paper."

As I type this the gray skies have returned and the rain is back. It looks like our art projects and outdoor nature study will have to be done around the kitchen table and in our living room again until the skies clear.

However, we have our sun prints as proof that we had at least one gorgeous sunny day and we captured a little bit of nature's beauty with the help of our bright sun.

Note: there are affiliate links in this post. Thanks for your support! I personally purchased all supplies used to make this project. This is not a sponsored or a gifted post.