Thursday, July 20, 2017

Knit Vlog No. 15: Quickly Catching Up

Lo and behold! After over a month, it's a new Knit Vlog! In this super quick (seriously, it's like two minutes long) episode I catch you up with the knitting projects that have been flying off of my needles this summer.

In this episode:

Wribbed Wristers, which is a pattern by Joan Janes. You can find my Ravelry page HERE.

Felicity hat for Lucy, a pattern by Wanette Clyde. You can find my Ravelry page for this project HERE. (but I've totally been lazy and haven't updated it yet)

The Kindle Cozy is just something I whipped up on the fly, no real pattern.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Welcome to Knit Vlog number 14! In this episode I knit my way through a bad mood by casting on a quick and easy but lovely Simple Yet Effective Cowl.

Did you ever have a week where everything and everyone seemed to be conspiring against you? That was me the week I cast on this cowl. Everything seemed to be breaking, foul moods were contagious, and the whole week seemed to be one step forward two steps back. 

I don't really go into the details here, but I bet you don't need the details to empathize. You've had those kind of weeks, haven't you? Thank goodness for knitting! What would we do without it, right?

You can watch the vlog here on the site or, if it isn't working here for some reason, you can click over to YouTube to check it out.

Episode notes:

Yarn is Plymouth Select Merino Texture in "Teal Shadow" that was gifted to me by a sweet friend

You can find my Ravelry page for this project here